Mark Your Calendar: July 14th at 6:30 p.m.

Hello football family,

With our 2015-2016 Season just around the corner, there is much to be done. For the next few days, we will be sending out different emails. Please don’t ignore them. Read them and help where you can. We need everyone’s participation to have another successful year. If you have any questions please email us or contact us at anytime.

Mark your calendars for the next booster meeting: Tuesday July 14th at 6:30.

Campo Verde Booster Club
Geoff Jones President

Anissa Crowe

Athletic Packet

Hello Everyone,

In the past, athletes would have to turn in a paper packet to play any sport. As most of you have already received the email about the new way to do this, we want to share a few things that might make your life easier.

The new way is to go to: , Click on my school login, pick Arizona, click on C and then click on Campo Verde High School. If this is your first time you will have to create an account. Its very easy and doesn’t take long.

You may be prompted to enter a registration number. That would be your students GPS ID number, which was assigned to your student-athlete upon registration with the Gilbert Unified School district.

This new system in place is wonderful. All the info you will need can be turned in simply by uploading files, and using electronic signatures. You will be able to update your personal information very quickly, if needs be.

One thing we would like to give notice to is: This year, the AIA official 2015-2016 participating physical form has 4 pages. We have attached it to the bottom of this post to make it easier for you. If your son has already had a physical the doctor can just fill out this form.

Reminder: The athletic fee doesn’t have to be paid right now, but before your player can get his jersey, it will need to be paid.

Campo Verde Booster Club
Geoff Jones President

Anissa Crowe

AIA form 1-3

AIA form 4

Your student/athlete will be required to go to the AIA Academy website to complete the Brain Book on Concussions. Once your player achieves an 80% or greater, you will be directed to print out confirmation. If you have the capability of ‘printing’ the file to  a .PDF, I would highly recommend that, for ease of uploading that file to the Register My Athlete site, as the only form of upload they will accept is a .PDF.  You will need to register an account on that site, as well.

CV Football Booster Club Membership

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What does our Booster Club fundraising support?

Speed and Agility Equipment– Foot Hurdles, Ladders, Harnesses, Sleds, Cones, and Track Hurdles
Video Equipment- 2 Cameras, Tri-Pod, SD Cards, Cables, Monitors, DVD’s, Jewel Cases, and the Hudl Subscription
Weight Room Equipment– Dumbbells, Hex-Bars, Barbells, Plates, PVC Pipes, Dumbbell Repair Kits, Elastic Bands, Goal Boards, Posters, and Audio Equipment
Helmet Decals- Lambdas, Award Stickers, Pink Ribbons, and Black Stripe
Summer/Spring Workout Clothes– Greens and Greys
Passing League Competitions– Cactus High School, ASU Passing Leagues, NAU Passing Leagues, and U of A Passing League
Campo Verde’s Passing League– Insurance, Fields Lined, Certified Trainers, Lineman Olympics, Traveling Trophy, and Custodial Services
Pine Summit Football Camp– Deposit, Insurance, FB Equipment Rental, Trailer Rental, and Marine CFT
Summer Strength and Conditioning– Insurance, Facility Use, and Equipment Fee
Football Program Equipment– Shields, Dummies, Sleds, Pop-Ups, Footballs, Jugs Machine, Home/Away Uniforms, Practice Jerseys
Post Season Banquets– Catering, Awards, Senior Gifts, Volunteer Gifts, Table Settings, and Venue
Pre-Game & Pre-Practice Snacks/Meals– All levels every day for Practice; Varsity: Friday Game Day meal, Lower Levels: Sandwiches